PlasmaSlug has been bombing his colony of characters in and around New York since the 90s.  Literally using the city as an art gallery, it's not uncommon to find a canvas or resin toy hanging from a street sign....but it is sometimes rare to see such amazing hustle in all aspects of the graff art game.  We talk origins of the PlasmaSlug, superpowers, cereal and much more, in this addition of 9.5 Questions.

1 - You're one of the hardest working artists I've had the pleasure of knowing.  Where does the hustle come from?  What's your motivation?

My hustle comes from the ability to want to make a mark while I'm alive. There has been a drive for me to pursue this because what's the point of dedicating your life to one thing if you're going to give up anyway? What i want to do is show people that working everyday, non stop, no matter what you do can, results in the end with good experiences and hopefully a career or lifestyle according to what you like to do.  Why would I want to not grind hard when I know there are others out there who would love to be where I'm at, so instead of being happy with that I want to make it harder for someone who is just starting into this. I want them to see that with years and years of work you still gonna have to bust your butt to obtain any respect. 

2 - Can you give us a little background on the PlasmaSlug origin story?

Plasma came from out of space and accidentally got released onto earth. Upon arrival a little boy named astro released Plasma from his previous owners on a spaceship. Plasma then teaches the boy how to draw and write his name all over the place, all the while having great experiences and sharing joy onto earth. 

3 - You can live in an alternate fictional universe for one year.  Which do you choose?  Why?  A) Star Wars universe B) Star Trek universe C) Jetsons universe

I think living on Earth, especially NYC, can be a little of both at times.  Everyone has their own look and personality.  There are groups of evil guys and groups of good guys. 

4 - You've been posting up 3D figures of 'Plasma' all around New York....this is a pretty unique way to get your tag out there.  Had you seen this done before or would you consider this a Plasmaslug original street art strategy?

The technique of getting things on street poles is not new, however, I'm pretty positive nobody has been attaching resin toys on poles anywhere.  It's not feasible with money and it doesn't make sense to put something so cool and one of a kind on the streets for others to take or damage in hopes it would be appreciated. There was over 300 put on the streets of NYC and probably less then 10 are still up and running. It is awesome to see one in person I've been told, because it takes the normal art they would see and it turns 3d.

5 - You can pick one celebrity who would be willing to get a full back Plasmaslug tattoo of your choosing....what celebrity would you pick?

Miley Cyrus , Mike Tyson

6 - Short list of underrated artists you know..

Reaps Distort MrMustart

7 - You can have a superpower for 24 hours...which power do you choose?  Do you use it for good, evil, pleasure?

I'd like to bring people back to life for people who really miss their loved ones and never got to say goodbye.

8 - Do you remember the very first Plasmaslug styled piece you drew?  Painted?  How has it evolved?

The trick is to try and constantly evolve.  Sometimes u can resonate in an area of painting but it's wise to keep it moving along the style u have but to constantly evolve into a better version of it. As far back as I remember I have always tried to do better each day.  I look back at the earlier pieces and really can tell a few shapes and flow are totally different, however a few things stay the same.  It's important to keep the imagery constant and similar in order to burn the image into the masses awareness.

9 - You can only eat one food for 3 months...and it has to be cereal....DRY!  What cereal do you pick?


9.5 - If I wasn't an artist, I would be ___________.

Answer:  I'm an artist?