Author of 'Covered in Glitter', new ambassador for House of DVF and social media icon, Hanna Beth, takes time out of her busy schedule this week to answer 9.5 Questions.

1 - An actual 'Rock God' appears and informs you that you will die tomorrow (sorry)...but you are granted a specific wish...you can pick one band from any era (any year of their existence) and they will perform an epic private concert for you and all of your friends.  What band from what year do you choose to perform on your last night on Earth?

I would chose to see David Bowie. I always wanted to see him perform in his Ziggy Stardust days and I was bummed I never got to.

2 - You seem to take a fun/carefree approach to your career, but there aren't a lot of smiles in your shots.  Is it easy to flip the switch?

I actually smile a lot. I just don't love smiling in selfies. I feel silly taking a photo of myself smiling, I don't know why. 

3 - Your an author!  'Covered in Glitter' tells your very personal story....did you consider leaving anything out that made you uncomfortable, or that you thought might make others uncomfortable?  Or was the process mostly cathartic...a release of sorts?

I wanted to put it ALL in. I don't have a problem with my past & I am open to talk about it. I actually toned it down a little because I thought it was too focused on my "wild child" days.. ha ha! I think being honest is important. I want people to be able to relate to me & know I am just like everyone else in life. We all deal with struggles, it's how we decide to move through them that defines us.

4 - Short list of 'Artists' you really dig right now (non-models)?

I love pop art. All my favorite artists are from the Warhol days. Basquiat, Keith Haring, Ed Ruscha.. 

5 - You've recently been named an ambassador for House of DVF...what has life been like since the announcement?  Any more hectic than usual?

It has definitely been busy, but not with DVF. The show opened a lot of doors for me & my career. I actually just started with DVF this week, so I am excited to see where the job takes me & what I end up doing. 

6 - You're a social media force....any word of advice for people aspiring to market, advertise, etc?

Just be yourself & be consistent with your updating. You'll notice what people like & don't, so it's important to do posts that get a response from your followers.

7 - Doodle of the first thing that pops into your head....(please attach the pic).

my camera is broken right now or i would. pass.

8 - How 'planned' was your career in fashion...or was it?  If you had to switch careers tomorrow what would you want to do?

It wasn't really planned at all. My career started with social media and being on myspace. I would post on their & that's how I created a following at a young age. Once people started to notice my unique approach to fashion it just took off. I still have a long way to go, but I couldn't be happier than where I am now. If I had to choose another career it would be a therapist or working in a psychiatric unit. I find all of that fascinating & use to read books about all different kinds of mental health issues when I was younger.

9 - When you work a shoot who does the majority of the responsibility fall on to make it a success?  You or the photographer?  Are there times when the chemistry is miserable or do you always find a way to make it work?

Most of the time I try to make it work, but sometimes it doesn't click. It's rare for that to happen, but it does. If i'm not feeling the vibe of the makeup or style, it's hard for me to look confident in the photos. 

9.5 - The term 'super model' is _______________________

whatever you want it to be. i guess the classic term is some tall runway chick who's in all the high fashion magazine. i hate labels and i think the term model is hard to define now since the modeling industry is so different than what it used to be.







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