Her work is anarchic.  Fueled by punk roots, Hannah Vandermolen exudes that style in all of her artistic outlets.  Her modeling, artwork and music reek of rebellion and that's why we're so drawn in.  Please enjoy 9.5 Questions with Hannah Vandermolen.

1 - Many of your shoots have a rock-metal-punk vibe.  Is this a natural part of your personality?  Who is your favorite rock artist now?  All time?

This is definitely a natural part of my personality.  I grew up in Boston, and the majority of my friends were street punks, hardcore kids, dumpster divers and "anarchists".  I think when I'm shooting I often try to connect with the side of myself from childhood - seeing my friends play in sweaty basements, moshing and making my own clothes and wearing them down to shreds.  I felt so raw and alive.  I try to keep that spirit in my movement and expressions during a photoshoot.  I've been listening a lot to New Model Army's album "Vengeance" lately I'm obsessed with it.  I've been singing and recording music a lot lately, and this band is a huge inspiration.  Also been listening to Red Chord.  Amazing musicians playing death metal like its jazz.  My favorite rock band of all time?  That's really tough.  Maybe the Who.

2 - You have no qualms in sharing thoughts on controversial political topics via social media...is this liberating or stressful considering the public feedback you expose yourself to?

I would rather build a reputation as a person who respectfully says what she thinks rather than suppress my public voice for fear of making waves.  No matter what.

3 - Short list of living artists you're really digging right now...

1. Antonio Lopez Garcia     2. Kaethe kollwitz (not living but I love her drawings)    3. Bruce Davidson    4. Bill Hensen

4 - What artistic medium are you most addicted to nowadays?  Why is it so satisfying?

Besides modeling I paint and make music.  I've been really into making music lately.  I sing, write, play guitar and also this funny circus instrument called the singing saw, which sounds a lot like a theremin.  Painting is so solitary.  I love it but sometimes i go nuts spending so much time by myself in my studio.  With music it's usually collaborative, and I love working with other people.  They always have fresh ideas and good criticism.  Besides that I've been getting into acting.  It taps into a vulnerability that I hardly ever show anyone, and it's interesting what can come out of that place.

5 - If you had more time, what type of art would you work on more, or learn?

I would love to learn welding.  I just want to make my own furniture and weird giant metal dinosaur sculptures

6 - You've chosen some difficult subject matter in water and its interaction with humans...what drew you to this?

I am always struck by visual elements in day to day life that are mostly overlooked but have an oddness to them.  I was swimming in my boyfriend's parent's pool and noticed how strange my limbs looked underwater.  I've always loved paintings that bridge realism and abstraction, like De Kooning's female nudes.  I also love painting the figure through a kind of lens that distorts and creates a degree of separation between the viewer and the subject.  Water does this perfectly.

7 - What's scarier to you?  Skydiving, public speaking or spiders?  Is there something even more scary I don't know about?

None of those scare me much.  I think I'm most afraid of Ebola, plane crashes and sharks....also I don't like anything pointy going near my eyes

8 - Have you ever been at a modeling gig and been faced with an absurd request/scene?  You don't have to give specific details...

Once at an audition I was asked to pretend I was riding a horse and scream at an imaginary pack of wolves chasing me.  It was ridiculous.

9 - One of your specialties is abstract and realistic cadaver and bone art... did you pick up the bug for these types of forms while studying art or is the curiousity deeper than that?

My school had a cadaver lab for biology class.  I was lucky enough to be allowed in to draw from the cadavers so I could study anatomy.  A lot of people thought I was a crazy goth dark kid sitting in the smelly room all day with dead people, but I just wanted to learn how everything works.  I loved being in there drawing and studying these people who were no longer people.  It was really surreal and actually kind of moving.  I've sold a lot of these drawings and etchings, and I think some of my patrons like them because they seem edgy and maybe a little vulgar, but I really don't see them that way.  Musculature reminds me of tree limbs and bark and sinewy vines. When I was drawing in the lab I gained so much respect for the human body - our design is impossibly intricate and perfect.

9.5 - If I found out Axl Rose was my father (like when Luke found out Vader was his father) the first thing I would do is __________.

Answer:  __________hit him up for Rock God Dad money, buy myself a Shelby cobra GT 500 and drive to Alaska with a bow and arrow, an electric guitar, and five close friends.

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