Magdalena Wosinska has an eye for natural beauty...breathtaking scenery and a penchant for stylish self portraits.  One thing that's plainly obvious in her work is that she's having a blast doing it.  Please enjoy or 9.5 Questions with Magdalena.  

1 - You're a professional photographer, but photos of you on your instagram are wildly popular...who takes those?

I do or I set it up and use a human tripod:)

2 - Natural settings are at the forefront of many of your pics...do you think we're moving forward or backwards in protecting the environment...protecting this scenery?

That's hard to say, I seek out nature so I usually see it for the beauty it is.

3 - What's the best concert you've seen in the past five years?

Roger Waters last week.

4 - Who are the four people on your Mt. Rushmore of art?

Like who are my top favorite artists? I'd just put my mom on all of the spots cause she fucking rules!

5 - Through your photography it seems like you've been about everywhere.  Any place you're dying to get to?  


6 - Your ship sinks but you're able to grab 3 things before swimming to a deserted island - a cereal, an album and your favorite childhood toy.  What are they?

I'd only take my camera, and maybe my passport.

7 - Your favorite artist you don't think anyone knows about but should?

I know nothing about art or artists, true story.

8 - Any particularly difficult photo shoots?  How do you deal with tough subjects and/or environments?

Yes, always. Photography is 90% problem solving. Everyone wants to make sure you can deal with 2,478,881 things at once so you better be on it.

9 - If you weren't a photographer, what career path do you think you would have taken?

Race car driver or rock star.

9.5 (fill in the blank) - If I could anoint anyone as President it would be _________.

Answwer:  Ethan Fowler





All pictures in this blog are owned by Magdalena Wosinska.