Our 2nd 9.5 Questions is with artist @GRIZZLYBEHEMOTH.  If you follow Grizzly on instagram you already know he's an amazing sculptor.  When I first came across his art, I imagined a creative meld of Giger, John Carpenter and Rick Baker...but when it comes down to it, Grizzly is an original.  The surreal, sometimes scary, sometimes cuddly art cannot be denied (and he's only been sculpting for a year!). Let's get to know more about the man in this new edition of 9.5 questions.

A small sampling of some of my favorite Grizzly Behemoth work...

A small sampling of some of my favorite Grizzly Behemoth work...

1 - What inspired you to pick up clay not so long ago and start sculpting?  Did you have previous schooling or experience?

I don't really remember what got me set into messing about with clay. I know I was always enthralled with the idea of working in it but had never took the initiative till around a year or so ago. I do know one of my favorite artists did kinda push me abit into that direction though. Stanislav Szukalski's sculpture work definitely put me in the state of mind of "That's the kind of art I want to make". No previous experience though now that you mention it and not really self taught either just picking things up here and there through trial and error and the internet. Playing with chaos and seeing where it takes me pretty much.

2 - If you could enter a fictional land/time period, which would you choose?  Lord of the Rings/Hobbit, Star Wars, Eternia (He-Man) 

That's a tough one. Probably any scifi-western "exploring the open range of space" type of period. I think we've come to a stagnant point in our history atm so would be nice to jump forward and be in the mix of settling new planets and having that kind of "old western/anything goes/discovery on the horizon" feeling and life. Fucking space pistols please.

3 - Assuming Grizzly Behemoth is not your birth name, what is the history behind it?

Ahhh hahah. I dunno. I've always had a tough time with finding nicknames/alias to go by. I picked this one because 1. I'm a big grizzly bastard irl and 2. My late grandma use to always say I was like hugging a "big ole grizzly bear". So a memento to her and a slight truth on the lie of the name. Man I miss her.

4 - Your sculpted characters are typically otherworldly...what do you believe is the source that fuels your imagination when you approach a new project?

If it's my own project, then it's just complete chaos on what it will be. I might have a scattered idea of what I am doing going in, but its like 50/50 if it stays in that direction haha. I try not to constrain myself with bullshit expectations on "what it should be" or "is that the proper way". Fuck all that. Saps the fun and good times right out of it for me. I like letting the creation be what it wants to be. I'm not its creator just an instrument in its birth. It's probably creating and shaping me more than I to it haha. But yeah tldr answer: chaos and an open ended imagination.

5 - If you had to become one of your sculptures, which would it be?

Probably my little crayon thief. Or my art demon. They are my two most silly creations that I connect with so yeah one of them.

6 - Favorite cereal?  Why?

None nowadays. Gimme those pancakes!

7 - What's an adventure on your bucket list?

Outer Space. There is no other greater and more pressing adventure than that.

8 - When you're not sculpting or creating art in general, what do you do for fun?

Sleep, video games, ponder on my drifting hairy presence in this universe, and cartoons/anime. Pretty normal bullshit.

9 - What artists are you digging most today (living artists)?

Man honestly...everyone. If you have the desire and passion and fucking initiative to get the fuck up in this day and age and actually commit to art...then you get a fucking bear hug of love from this guy. 100% don't need to name names, just anyone.

9.5 - If my sculptures came alive and grew to scale  ___________________?

I'd be worried and yet somehow extremely excited. In a non boner excited way. Sick bastards, I know what you was all thinking.

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