3 years ago, Ashley Joncas decided to gain some valuable knowledge in the industry she wanted to be part of...so she published a fashion magazine online (CXIII).  From the looks of it, the fashion industry could garner some knowledge from Ashley.  As the editor-in-chief, creative director, lead photog and model for its digital pages there isn't a facet of fashion/style/art industry that she hasn't touched in the cutting edge way that she wants it presented.  So without further ado...please enjoy 9.5 Questions with Ashley Joncas.

1 - When I look at your body of work, you've accomplished a tremendous amount over a relatively brief amount of time.  Have you always had a 'laser focus'?  Did you put this type of effort into projects and/or play when you were younger?

I developed a pretty intense laser focus from an early age since I had to grow up very early on in life. By about age 13, I had been through quite a bit, and through art I found relief. Overtime, I was only able to rely on my own drive to learn new techniques and mediums, and with that I harnessed extreme time management skills. I'm now a certified schedule ninja, I suppose! I put great effort into any project I take on. My actual creative career has only been for the past 4 years, so every little task, I take on to push myself. When I was a kid, things were more experimental. There was a lot more room for screwing things up and not having clients breathing dragon fire down your back.  It's about trial and error, the ability to accept failure with great humor and hope, and determination that tomorrow is a new day to make something better. I've also lived by the motto "There's no easy way from the earth to the stars" (which is conveniently tattooed down my spine) which to me screams "There's no easy way to success. Work for that shit." I've forever vowed to myself to stay humble and true to the style I've created no matter how far life takes me, and push harder with every new project. 

2 - The latest issue of CXIII features a variety of superhero spreads in which you are featured...do you have a favorite superhero?  If you could have any superhero's powers for 24 hours...whose would you take?

I've always loved Batman. I'm not sure if Darth Vader is much of a super hero..but if he was included in the category, I'd pick him in a heartbeat! As for powers?...hmmm...I'd go with Cyclops from X-men. He can shoot lasers from his eyes and kicks ass at martial arts. 

3 - You chose Seattle as your home base and it seems to feed your creativity well.  If Seattle was attacked by a monster similar to Godzilla, effectively being wiped off the map...where would you relocate your headquarters to?

If Godzilla didn't reach the borders of Canada on his conquest of coffee town, I'd more to Vancouver, BC. I fell madly in love with the city and daydream of moving there eventually. I love a climate where I can wear a jacket and layer, oh, and they have amazing donuts. *Runs across the border for more*

4 - Most artists I talk to seem consumed by their work...so much so there is little time for hobby.  I can only assume this is true for you judging by your output.  If you had more time....what would be a new skill or hobby you would work on?

I've always wanted to learn how to weld! I'm fascinated by metal, and it's ability to turn into a complete hot blob under enough heat, so wielding a blow torch would be a fun hobby. I'd also like to be a better cook, but that's asking a  lot. ;)

5 - Short list of your favorite living artists.

Hieronymus Bosch, Arthur Rackham, Miyazaki, Rick Owens (garment designer/visual badass), Tim Burton, Edgar Allen Poe (as a literary artist)

6 - What artist do you know that is a relatively unknown who should be known? 

There's this artist/ photographer that goes by the name of "Avanaut." He creates beautifully intricate scenes from Star Wars movies with legos...and my mouth waters just thinking about the pictures. I think people need to embrace the art of the bricks more, man. I adore him. 

7 - In looking at your first issue of CXIII versus your current issue, you began with a much more traditional format (although still with a contemporary twist)...today your issue is sleek and otherworldly almost in a literal sense.  Do you have any thoughts on the growth that has occurred between now and then?  

I went through a lot of growth as a human, and an editor. Anyone starting a magazine is going to go "oh shit, what do the people want! What does the industry want!" I let those rules guide me throughout the initial 3-4 issues, while still keeping an underlying aesthetic that was close to my heart. After owning the fact that it was my own self-funded project, and I'm the bitch making the rules, I asked myself what I wanted, and more so, what we need to see. Fashion and art magazines are heavily populated with ads and things that are "cutting edge" at the moment, but I wanted to dive into not just visuals but otherworldly artistic styles that could very well dictate the future of our planet. I refuse to clutter the pages with ads, and  instead treat each feature as a gallery. I also wanted to grab various corners of the art world that aren't necessarily seen together, like high fashion editorials and video game concept art, and unite them flawlessly. There's a definitive feel and atmosphere the publication as a whole, that, like any good thing, took a growth period.  

8 - You have a time travel machine that will allow you to go back in time to roadie for any band of any era for one year.  Once your duty is complete you warp back to the day you left on your journey effectively loosing no time.  What band do you roadie for?

The Rolling Stones, hands down! "Paint it Black" has been my theme song since the dawn of my artistic endeavors, so I'd tag along with those genius creatures any day. 

9 - The singularity is rapidly approaching...you are chosen as one of the few to live on an island and escape the machines.  You can take three amenities with you.  Normal survival gear is already there.  What three items do you take?

laptop, sketchbook, and combat boots. Always:)

9.5 - When I'm not working, I'm ________________ .

Oil painting or camping out in coffee shops with friends. (with an arsenal of cookies)


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