The futuristic character stylings of ChrisRWK (RobotsWillKill) convey social commentary, emotion, and humor of the artist.  Chris has left his mark on all surfaces and his popularity in the street and graffiti scene is undeniable.  We hope you love this weeks 9.5 Questions with ChrisRWK....and don't miss Chris at Redifine Gallery in Orlando, FL...July 21st!

1 - Is there an origin story to your robot character?  

The robot that everyone came to know and love evolved over time. In the nineties I would mess with a cube shape that would then turn into a tv then into a box robot. Around 1999 I wanted a more organic robot. Something that could show more emotion. So I started messing with the rounded edges and simpler eyes. The original ones had open circles like my human characters do. He originally had a cut out heart but a lot of people started doing that so I changed it to the "X". It represents where the heart would be, the engine, motor, motivation, imagination etc. 

ChrisRWK with Sean9lugo

ChrisRWK with Sean9lugo

2 - Which is the best robotic character in film a) Terminator (original) b) Wall-E c) robocop d) iron giant?

Best? Well each have a different quality and purpose in each film. 

Terminator - great fighting ability. Determination. 

Wall-E - doesn't say a word yet conveys more emotion then most actors these days. 

Robocop - resilient. 

Iron Giant - honest. 

ChrisRWK with JPO

ChrisRWK with JPO

3 - Short list of your favorite living artists...

Veng, sugarfueled, jos-l, vin Rega, knor, Flying Fortress, peeta, Shag, Vers718, nite owl, turtle caps, Abe Lincoln jr.... There's a lot to be honest. It's mostly people I know and get inspired by. Ones that I see work from regularly. 

4 - Do you remember the first thing that drew you to street art?  

Well I got into graffiti at a young age. My brother and his friends were doing a lot of graff and I would tag along to take pictures etc. I think I was around 11. I think one of the things that drew me in was seeing Edge and Vers blocks on the highway. The idea I knew these guys and their names were up in a public space without permission was incredible. Then seeing pieces by them and learning the technical ability was crazy. 

ChrisRWK with Die Slow

ChrisRWK with Die Slow

ChrisRWK with Veng

ChrisRWK with Veng

5 - In honor of Shark Week...if you were a shark, do you think you would bite, eat, terrorize people just for fun...this is assuming you still had human intelligence...or would you just be chill and snack on fish?

Chill and cruise the ocean for over 100 years. 

6 - You've worked with many incredible artists....do any memories stand out in particular?  Any fun street art moments?  Close calls?

Well anytime I paint with Veng it's a fun time with a good outcome. Things that stand out, painting with Flying Fortress and nychos and seeing how fast they can work. 

The last wall me and Veng did where I did characters of us was a lot of fun. It was great to see people's reactions when they saw them. 

7 - The lines between street art, graffiti, tagging....seem to be blurring as each art form gains more and more popularity.  Do you think this is a good thing?  Would you rather it still be more of an underground art?

Well everyone wants "their thing" to stay "their thing". The interesting thing will be to see whose still around after it crashes. The ones who did it and we're into it for the real reasons. Either way I've been into it when it wasn't cool then cool then not cool then cool again etc. and I'll still be into it and doing it when the next trend comes in. 

ChrisRWK with Knor

ChrisRWK with Knor

8 - For aspiring street artists and muralists...how did you obtain your first wall art commission?

Back in the 90's getting walls was not easy. It was days wasted trying to see the owner and show him pictures. There was no email or cell phones or social media you could pull up on the spot. So getting walls back then and doing them helped build a discipline in a way. Now days you have people "curating" walls and building. But as far some commissioned walls id suggest putting together proposals and mock ups. 

ChrisRWK with Crash, ZImad, Giz

ChrisRWK with Crash, ZImad, Giz

9 - What has been the most gratifying/satisfying moment in your art career?

I can't say one specific thing but it's incredibly satisfying when someone says my work inspired them. Knowing that my work made someone stop and think is humbling.

9.5 - If I could have one superpower for one day it would be ___________. 

Well growing up being a graffiti artist I'd have to say invisibility. 







All pictures used in this blog belong to ChrisRWK.