In 2008 Tanane walked into a tattoo shop to sell art.  He walked in the next day to start an apprenticeship that would lead him on a meteoric rise as one of the premier new school tattoo artists on the planet.  Please enjoy this session of 9.5 questions with Tanane Whitfield.  

Tanane Whitfield
Storm Trooper
adventure time

1 - Do you remember when you were drawn to art?  When you realized you had talent above and beyond the 'normal' kid?  Was there a moment when you self realized it or someone told you?

I would hear that kind of stuff all time but it never sunk in. I've always felt like I'm playing catch up. Still to this day. I've just loved drawing since I was 5. (That's as far back as I can remember) I do remember hating crayons though! Pencils over everything. 

2 - Besides Eminem...Three people you would like to tattoo...famous or otherwise...

Very interesting question. Hmmmm... I would like to tattoo Craola again. He's a awesome dude and it's fun just shooting the shit with him. Plus, I get a free dinner out of the deal! Second, the red head chick from Game of Thrones. I ran into her in Pittsburgh and no one has paler skin than her. And last..... Ludacris. Always been a fan of his lyricism and he's probably funny as shit! 


3 - Short list of living artists you really dig...any medium.

Craola, Jamie Ris, Kelly Doty, Timmy B, Robert Kane, Frank Lanatra (what up, TeamKindness!) J. Scott Campbell, Kendrick Lamar, Marshall Mathers, Megan Jean Morris, Scotty Munster, Patton Oswalt and Louis C.K.  

4 - Presently, who or what inspires your art the most?

Right now, mostly hip hop and animal planet. A lot of stand up comedy. I'm always listening to music no matter what I'm doing. Tattooing, driving, drawing, shower.... Music will always be at a high volume. 

5 - What album do you love the most, that given the opportunity you would like to redo the cover art to?

Probably "Good Kid, m.A.A.d. City" by Kendrick Lamar. Other than Eminem's last album, it's the only one I will listen to from beginning to end. It's technically a perfect album to listen to while you're doing or making art. 

6 - Shows like Ink Master have become extremely popular...who in your opinion are some relatively 'unknown' artists who you feel could blow the competition away?

Hahahahahahahahaha. This could end up being a long list but I'll sum it up to one bad ass mufucka. Andy Chambers. I'd put money on that choice any day of the week. 

7 - You have a device that will allow you to live in an 80's cartoon world for one year, but you loose no earthly time in the process.  Which cartoon world would you live in?  Would you join the forces of good or evil?

Ghostbusters!!! All day! Some of those ghouls and demons are tangible,  right? So they can technically be shot, right?! 

8 - Biggest misconception about tattooing?

That it's easy. What up, Scratchers!!! Fuck yall. 

9 - Too many or to few comic book based movies?  Which is your favorite?  Favorite series?

I hate everything DC. Marvel is killing it right now and I couldn't be happier! So far, I've pretty much have liked all of their films except Ironman 3. 


9.5 - _______________ is the first place I'll run to when the robots begin to take over.

My Laboratory. I have some things in there that eat through metal. *wink wink. 

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