I first discovered Caroline Caldwell as @dirt_worship on instagram.  The subject matter she creates is always stimulating to the mind's eye...sometimes provocative.  Her choice in canvas is varied, and includes skin.  Graffiti is a love, and expression for her.  I hope you're as intrigued and captivated with the answers she gave as I am.  Enjoy. 

* I always make it very clear to these 9.5 questions interviewees that there are no rules.  Caroline ran with that.  All pictures included in this Q&A were created by Caroline specifically to answer questions.

1 – You have an affinity for drawing tattoos with a sharpie…have you ever been tempted or asked to give a real tattoo?

2 – NY is an amazing art hub…if a ‘Great Wall’ were built around the city and everyone named Caroline were banned, where would you move?  Why?

3 – Short list of your favorite living artists…

4 – You are given a time machine that will deliver you, complete with a full access pass to one of these decadent rock tours…the time machine will deliver you back when the tour is over.  Which time machine setting do you choose:  a)  Guns N’ Roses – Appetite for Destruction tour 1988, opening for Aerosmith  b) Motley Crue – 1987-88 Girls, Girls, Girls tour  c)  Ozzy Osbourne – Blizzard of Oz tour 1980-81

5 – The last time you picked up a marker to draw, how would you describe the inspiration that preceded it?

6 – You’re abducted by aliens, but they’re nice enough to let you bring one book and one album along for your new life in space.  Which do you bring?

7 – You’re a ‘fan’ of graffiti…does anyone in your inner circle ever give you grief about it? 

8 – You are sentenced to death for crimes against humanity…your last meal is…

Appetizer - __________  Main Course - ___________  Desert - _____________  Drink - ______________

9 – Your ‘just a kiss’ girl meets wolf piece is powerful.  Any insight into your thought process behind it?

9.5 – Graffiti has become ____________________________

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All art displayed in this blog is ©®™ by Caroline Caldwell