This week we interview model, punk, dancer, outlaw, actor, rebel, dj, min pin lover and a bit of everything else in entertainment - Malice Mcmunn.  Please enjoy this addition of 9.5 questions...  

1 – A massive tsunami and earthquake drag the entire state of California into the Pacific.  Luckily you’re out of town when this occurs.  What city and state do you move to?

Vegas, Nevada

2 – You are a performance artist / dancer, model, actor….which is typically more satisfying work for you? 

Dancing because it's instant gratification and I enjoy doing it even if nobody likes it.

3 – You have a taste for tattoos…who’s your favorite tattoo artist or artists currently?

I love Karen Costleigh at True Tattoo the most.

4 – Tattoos were always for the rebellious, outlaw crowd….nowadays you see them in every walk of life…do you welcome the acceptance or would you rather stand out from the crowd in that area?

There's good and bad with this whole tattoo culture, on one hand now people with tattoos have more job opportunities but on the other there is a lack of uniqueness and that is one of the reasons I liked them in the beginning but now it's all been done.

5 – You’re granted a wish to travel back in time, star in any movie as any character….what movie, what character?

Awesome question! I wanna be in mad max or in lost boys.  I wouldn't wanna b a main character because I love all the main characters. I would just wanna b there.

6 – Short list of your favorite living artists…any medium…

living artists, that's tuff! I couldn't even start to say. I surround myself with super artistic people so to name them all would take all day.. Just look at my Instagram and see who I follow.

7 – You’re on a sinking boat with the Kardashians (they count as one), Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift.  The boat will eventually sink if one person/group per hour isn’t thrown overboard to the sharks.  In what order do you throw each/person group overboard?

Kardashians first then between Taylor and Bieber whichever one of them won't make out with me goes first cuz I'd do both if I could.  I hate the music they make but both are cute.

8 – You’ve done many modeling shoots over the years…most awkward or unprofessional moment you’ve been a part of or witnessed?  No names necessary.

Nothing really except when they hire a makeup artist and most times makeup artists don't know how to do a face like mine I don't look good in pink!

9 – Is rock n roll dead (I don’t think so)?  Anyone out there that should be bigger than they are?  Who is your favorite band/artist?

The Flytraps and cliff em all (even tho they are a cover band they are better than seeing Metallica now) both these bands give me a boner.

9.5 – My dream job in entertainment is __________________

Answer:   I would love to host my own show and get to meet all the artists I love.

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