Scotty Munster can typically be found at Olde Town Tattoo in St. Cloud Minnesota; there he creates some of the best modern tattoos around.  When he's not at Olde Town, Scotty is in high demand at tattoo conventions where he judges and tattoos, with no shortage of fans looking for his work nationwide.  This is not his only talent as you can page through his instagram to find paintings and even a toy of his favorite subject matter that should be dropping sometime this fall.  In this edition of 9.5 questions we find out some background info on that subject (the tooth) and much more....  

A few of Scotty's works....

A few of Scotty's works....

1 - You're are captured by Imperial Forces and sentenced to death for being a member of the Rebel Alliance....they are nice enough to give you the choice of death by Rancor, Sarlacc Pit or Wampa.  What do you choose?

A) Good question! I think I'd like to take my chances with the Rancor. Although big and scary, I feel like I can at least run around for a while, and entertain it a bit before he eats me. Maybe even find a bone and lodge it in its mouth, or slam a gate down on his head? I just feel like my chances for survival are best with the rancor!

2 -  What do you dig about the NIKE aesthetic?  I see you strayed and bought a pair of Adidas Droids...did it feel like cheating?

A) Nike has always been "it" for me! I grew up always wanting the J's, but couldn't afford them when I was a kid. Tattooing and painting has given me the means to be able to stock up a pretty cool collection now! I love the kicks from my childhood the most, early Jordans, and dunks! I'm also a Star Wars fan, so when I saw those Adidas droids I had to get them. I'm mostly rockin Nike, but I have my daily drivers like vans, and cons too!

3 - What's up with the Tooth character...is there history to this?

A) I am always looking to separate myself from other artists, and to bring something new, or overlooked out and try to make a memorable mark with my work. With the tooth it just started out as a brutal dentist trip. I had 3 root canals done in a few days, not my idea of fun. I always like to draw from my life experiences whenever I can for inspiration, so the tooth guys came out of that experience . I had a good response from the first one, and I've been just having fun with it since then. I'm sure I will move on to the next thing eventually, but I have a few more projects to bleed out of him first!

4 - You are given tickets to two events on the same day:  Game 7 NBA Finals T-Wolves against Heat at Minnesota & Exclusive advanced screening tickets to the next three Star Wars movies...which do you choose?

A) That's gotta be the Twolves! I've gotta support my boys, and Star Wars is a sure thing, I will be able to see that anytime! The Twolves vs Heat in the finals isn't exactly something that will ever happen!

5 - What living artists are you really into right now?

A) I try to not look into one artists work too much. I'm at a point in my art where I feel I can draw on my own experience, and the way I personally see things to influence my art, rather than absorbing too much of any artist. I find that if I really let myself get into another artists work too much that I start to be too influenced by it. I want to make my own thing, and I believe it's part of growing as an artist, to just find yourself in your stuff.
With all of that said, Mark Ryden, Craola, and John Pound(garbage pail kids) have been huge influences on my over the years! I hope that one day my work will inspire young artists to try to do their "own thing" as well!

6 - Favorite 80's cartoon or toy memory...

A) Ha! I think I just answered this! It's gotta be Garbage Pail Kids! I have a ton of them, including an uncut sheet from an early series!!! The art and creativity was do cool to me then, although my mom didn't share my thoughts on that!

7 - You travel quite a bit to tattoo conventions and guest tattoo spots...what city outside of Minnesota would you choose to live if you had to move?

A) That's a tough one. I make it to Disneyworld a few times a year, so maybe Orlando?.....or maybe Darwin, MN...it's home of the Biggest Twine ball! Who wouldn't want to be near that thing?

8 - Worst experience or biggest pet peeve about flying?

A) being crammed next to someone that doesn't respect space, or nosey people. Having tattoos on an airplane is the worst! It seems like it's an open invite for every person to show me or ask me about a tattoo. Sometimes I wake up from sleeping and find somebody just staring at me. Flying sucks.

9 - Where do you draw inspiration for art?  Has it changed over the years?

A) I started out just as every young artist does. I tried to copy or emulate stuff that others were doing. As I grow, I find myself less interested in "stealing" and more interested in contributing something. I want to inspire others to find their own style, and to draw upon life and the things around you everyday to influence their art. I collect a lot of vintage toys, and religious objects, as well as halloween stuff. I am always at an antique shop looking at old relics. That kind of stuff has a comfortable feel to me, and I just love it! I have that stuff all around me when I draw and paint, and I feel like it comes through in my work.

9.5 - When the zombie apocalypse happens.....
A) I hope I'm at Disneyworld! It would be the coolest thing ever to ride dumbo the flying elephant, and see all the zombies scattering below, just waiting for me to land!

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